Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Packaging

Bio-Medical PackagingWhether you're a multi-national product manufacturer or a start-up company getting ready for clinical trials, Royal Paper Box is the perfect partner for your paperboard packaging needs. Our Structural Design Department has over 70 years of combined experience creating innovative design solutions to protect your valuable products from accidental damage and exposure.

Speed, efficiency and reliability are critical components when bringing a product to market. Royal Paper Box has been an integral part of numerous clinical trials and product launches for many of the industry's benchmark drugs and devices. We cost-effectively produce small runs for your clinical trials needs thereby streamlining packaging issues and ensuring the boxes are compatible with any automated filling equipment. This process ensures a smooth, hassle-free launch and gets you to market fast once FDA approval is received.

Our newest finishing lines can automatically check every single box for proper glue dispersion, ink color, registration and bar code verification. Various ANSI AQL Sampling Plans can be employed to mirror your own incoming inspection thereby saving valuable time and money.

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