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Having been described as "The Cleanest Shop in the West", Royal Paper Box has a unique culture of cleanliness that has to be seen to be believed. The layout of our production facility has been optimized for the flow of material to minimize wasted time and motion.


Printing - First Impressions
That Go a Long Way!

With over 70 years in the pressroom, Royal Paper Box Company is responding to today's market with a new generation of sheetfed printing presses and print technology that is displayed on a showcase floor.


foil hot stamping

Foil Hot Stamping - Dedicated to the Smallest Details

Royal's in-house stamping, embossing, debossing and combination stamping capabilities continue to expand in both capacity and range of capabilities. Our five foil stamping presses keep your project under our roof, where we are able to maintain absolute control of the quality, registration, and time required to produce your cartons.

die cutting
Die Cutting - Craftsmanship Working On The Cutting Edge

High-speed die cutting machines and a group of highly skilled craftsmen have made Royal Paper Box an industry leader in die cutting. Without delay, Royal's Pit Stop Makeready Crew is taking action, feeding the five presses with stock ranging in all sizes and weights. Scanning every printed sheet that passes through, quality control and efficiency is at the highest level on every job run, putting Royal Paper Box Company on the cutting edge.

Finishing - Where Teamwork and Technology Come Together at the Finishing Line

Built for high speed and accuracy, the Finishing Department is the largest production area in Royal's operation, driven by an experienced staff of men and women. Equipped with the most advanced gluing and quality inspection equipment, optimal control and efficiencies are achieved. Our three newest finishing lines can scan every box for correct color and registration, proper gluing and bar code verification. Anything not meeting our high standards is automatically discarded. Engineered for short and long runs, Royal's Finishing Team has the ability to produce the most complex folding carton designs ever imagined.


Quality Assurance

In every function at Royal Paper Box Company, quality is the driving force.

Final Inspection
Team Royal
Our philosophy is that every staff member is responsible for the quality we build into our products and the service we provide our customers. It’s a philosophy that works. Our customers know our solid reputation for quality assurance and consistency. In our ISO 9001:2008-certified plant, we lead the industry with a documented 99.1% acceptance rate for all orders shipped.

Zero DefectsFinal Inspection

Our commitment to quality goes beyond our facility and into yours. Many of our customers have used Royal Paper Box to launch their Certified Supplier programs. We can work with your Incoming QA to set up a program that will eliminate some of the inherent inaccuracies and costs associated with pulling samples from your own Receiving Dept. Ask your Sales Representative how Royal can partner with your company to save you time and money.

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